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The RS line of trilayer ROFOS drysuits


The RS line is a line of trilayer drysuits conceived with the first RS 450. During these past years, thanks to direct experience and invaluable advice of technician friends, these dry suits have become one of the highest quality products on the market nowadays.

The main feature that differentiates all RS drysuits is the material.

You can find the Ferguson trilaminate with polyester lining in the RS 450K and RS 450CAVE and a super-light trilaminate in the RS 350HD and RS 350CAVE.


For reinforcements, we chose the Cordura® 1000 which goes to cover the shoulders, elbows, forearms, sitting, knees, shins, crotch and chest in the RS 450K, RS 350HD and also the entire chest and front legs in RS 350CAVE.

In the RS 450CAVE the Kevlar reinforcements are symmetrical and covers the entire chest, the front of the leg, shoulders, elbows, forearms, sitting and crotch.


Models are a necessary basis for making a good suit.

Our models are a source of pride for Rofos and they are one of the reasons that made Rofos so popular.

These models, which are continuously improved, fit so well because we pay the closest attention during the design phase, not only because skilled hands design them, but also because expert divers continuously field-test them.

The safety during the dive is always our top priority and a good design in trilaminate drysuits assures the freedom of movement necessary for emergency maneuvers, valve-drill, technical swimming, etc.

Thermo taping

One feature that all of our trilayer dry suits share, is the internal thermotaping.

To make these suits watertight we opted for a solution that ensures a good seal and at the same time is soft and flexible.

Moreover the heat welding, unlike other methods, allows to remove the old tape to replace it with a new one.

We also preferred this method over others because it is not detrimental to the health of those who must apply it.

Made in Italy

All trilayer drysuits are entirely made in Italy, more precisely in Sori, Liguria.

Models, made by Roberto Scerbo and now improved thanks to a huge experience and all the invaluable advice of technician friends, have created a series of dry suits in trilaminate with unique design proudly worthy of the highest Italian design.

This way we can also offer pre and post-sale assistance rapidly and with high quality.

Quality and attention to detail

Finally the most important feature of all our suits: the attention to detail.

During every phase of the production of the suit we pay the closest attention, this is why the quality of the finished product is so high.

Examples of this are our models for women that fit so well.

Examples of this are the ever-excellent comfort and freedom of movement, on suits with such rigid materials too, thanks to the carefully studied cut, with special regard to the most critical points, such as armpits and crotch.

The choice of material, from trilaminate to the thread to the metal parts, involved hours and hours and hours of research and tests.

The last in chronological order, but perhaps the most important, are the tests on each suit to check its dryness before each shipment.

Products of the RS line of trilayer drysuits