Customization for ROFOS trilayers

One of the reasons to choose a Rofos trilaminate is the extreme customization you can get.

Along the incredible number of sizes to choose from (we offer 144 sizes for men and 99 for women), some features of the suit help you to reach a tailored-perfect fit.

These are for example the telescoping torso with the adjustable elastic and completely removable suspenders, a quick-adjusting crotch strap and the adjustable drawstring waist.

It is also possible to choose certain components of the wetsuit from various options.

For example dry zipper can be chosen between BDM and YKK Aquaseal and the hood can be chosen between different thicknesses and sizes.

Some of these choices are upon request and payment.

Neck: standard neck is latex, but you can choose the neoprene neck seal and even choose the interchangeable neck (silicone or latex).

Wrists: standard cuff is latex, but you may prefer the interchangeable cuff, and mount the dry gloves later on.

Dry gloves and rings: you can ask for rings and/or dry gloves for your suit.

Valves: standard option is Si-tech valves but you can request to mount Apeks valves.

Boots: standard the suit has neoprene boots, but you can choose the neoprene sock to be worn under a lace-up boot with a rigid technical lug sole (Rock Boot).

P-valve: standard suits only have reinforcements for the p-valve, but you can choose to have the suit with a p-valve already fitted.

A “CAVE” version is available with reinforcements on entire chest and front legs and holes on the chest for the heater cable.
> Learn more on CAVE option

Standard the suit is a “all-black” look, but you can request some color changes for overlay and seams.
> Find out the colors and combinations available!