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If you don’t like an “all-black” look, you can request some color changes.

You can choose a colored harness for the RS 450K and the RS 350HD.

Top Overlay

In the case of Top Overlay, the Cordura protection is divided into three parts: the lower part of the chest, the sleeves, and the shoulders. One is black and the second gray.

You can choose the overlay color on the shoulders between blue, green, red, and gray.

It is not possible to change the color of the sleeves and of the lower part of the harness.



Classic Overlay

The Classic Overlay covers the entire sleeve up to the wrist and the chest zip protection to the waist.

On the Classic version, you can change the color choosing between the Cordura blue, green, red, or grey.




Colored Threads

This option is available for all RS line suits.

The colored thread is applicable around the overlay of Cordura, on the sleeves, and around the harness covering the front zipper.

Other than the black threads you can choose to have them in yellow, red, blue, dark gray, pink, orange, light gray, or lilac.

The colored threads can be combined with the overlay color in the Classic or Top versions to complete the look.

Another very elegant option is to leave the Cordura overlay black and apply the colored threads to give more prominence to the latter. In this case, the colored threads will follow the outline of Top Overlay for RS 450K and RS 350HD or the chest for RS 450CAVE and RS 350CAVE.



Prodocts on which you can choose colored overlay and colored seams: