RS 450K

The RS 450K is a trilaminate drysuit designed for divers looking for an extremely warm and durable drysuit.

It can turn out to be a drysuit for life: it can take you on at least 1000 dives.

RS common features

All RS line drysuits are designed for the most demanding technical divers, for wreck and cave diving.

  • We choose only the best materials and this ensures that these suits are extremely resistant to tears, cuts and holes.
  • The internal thermo-taping makes these suits waterproof but soft and flexible.
  • The Italian design allows for better air management, an excellent trim and buoyancy, as well as maximum freedom of movement.
  • They are also incredibly customisable. We offer 144 size combinations for men and 99 for women.
  • They are made in Italy and tested for dryness before each shipment.


Technical features and options


We offer 144 combinations of men’s sizes and 99 women’s sizes to meet the needs of (almost) everyone.

In our opinion, the size chart is not enough to determine the right size with certainty: it’s important to go to a trusted retailer who can help you with your choice.

In our RS Size Centers you can wear Size Suits which, together with the experience of the retailer, make it easy to find the right size.

User manual

The manual for drysuits includes both the instructions for proper use and maintenance of the product.

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