Wetsuit for spearfishing

These lines of professional spearfishing suits include a 7 mm suit, a 5 mm suit, a 3 mm suit, and 3 mm shorts in the same material.

Jackets have a long reinforcement chest pad in order to allow easier loading of long arbalete. The 7 mm jacket has differential thickness having a 5 mm insert on the seat, collar, and elbows to optimize comfort.

The 5 mm wetsuit consists of a jacket with an incorporated hood and a differentiated thickness pant with a high, shaped 3 mm waist and legs with knee pads in tear-resistant material.

The 3 mm wetsuit, on the other hand, is all 3 mm, with the same technical considerations as the 5 mm suit.

Technical features

  • Entirely Made in Italy.
  • Open-cell neoprene inside.
  • Seat in tear-resistant/anti-slip material.
  • Double-lined beaver tail with adjustable hook and loop strap with excellent hold.
  • Ergonomic preformed cut on the elbows and knees.
  • Long anti-slip reinforcement on the chest for resting a long arbalete.
  • Superelastic outer covering.

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