Neoprene drysuit

Inspired by the idea of combining sturdiness and comfort, they are intended for lovers of neoprene drysuits.

Technical features

  • Entirely Made in Italy.
  • Outer covering made of special tear-resistant fabric : on the shoulders, back, over the valves, the upper part of the sleeve, the seat, and where it rubs against the BC.
  • Outer covering made of flexible matte elastomer: under the arms, in the groin area, on the forearms, calves, etc...
  • Reinforcements on the shoulders and elbows.
  • Knees with dual-layer reinforcement in high-density neoprene with tear-resistant covering.
  • Ergonomic shaped sleeve cut.
  • Two pockets, small in size yet large, self-draining, close with a zip, and with two anodized aluminum D-rings inside.
  • Bronze dry zip, with zip cover protection, arranged horizontally from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Automatic and manual exhaust valve and low-profile rotating inflation valve with central button.
  • Single-lined 4 mm neoprene wrist cuffs with excellent glide.
  • 3 mm superstretch neoprene collar to be folded over.
  • Incorporated 3 mm neoprene socks to be worn under a pair of outer boots (not included) with a rigid technical sole and zip, or a Rock Boot.
  • Comes complete with nofreeze hose and carrying bag.
  • Available separately the hoods.

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