Neoprene gloves

Technical features

5mm Gloves

  • 5mm single-lined neoprene coated inside with titanium, outside superelastic fabric.
  • Reinforcements on the fingers.

065 - 5mm TITANIUM STRETCH GLOVES with grip

3mm Stretch Gloves

  • 3mm double-lined neoprene, out- and in-side superelastic fabric.
  • Fully reinforced with grip.

066 – Double-lined STRETCH GLOVES 3mm

3mm Gloves

  • 3mm double-lined neoprene, plush inside, black fabric outside.
  • Reinforcements on the fingers.

064 – PLUSH GLOVES 3mm

Amara Gloves

  • 1mm double-lined neoprene.
  • Easy opening and closing with strap.
  • Reinforcements on the fingers and palm.

062 - AMARA GLOVES 1,5mm

Dry Gloves

  • PVC or rubber.
  • Thermal underglove

781 – Black Dry Gloves

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