Fleece Undersuit

This is a discontinued product.

These undersuits , one-piece and unisex, are better suited for neoprene drysuits. They are available in two kinds: Winter and Ice.

Technical features

  • Two pockets. One closes with a hook and loop strap, the other with a zip.
  • Drawstring at the waist helps improve its adaptability.
  • Hidden front zip.
  • Ankle spats.
  • Collar closed with a hook and loop strap.

Both suits have NO WIND technology, which is a membrane that prevents wind from removing the warm air retained inside the undersuit, while simultaneously ensuring excellent breathability.


The ICE model has a layer of microfleece inside it, a NO WIND membrane in the middle, and a microfleece layer on the outside, making it even warmer.


The WINTER model has a layer of microfleece, a NO WIND membrane, and a mesh weave on the outside that makes it easier to put your drysuit on.

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