Neoprene wetsuit

They are suits with superstretch linings.

The line includes one-piece, shorty, and undersuit that make the suit modular and increase warmth without affecting the freedom of movement.

Technical features


  • Superelastic lining in all directions for exceptional adaptability and softness, without taking anything away from the well-known heat retention of Rofos suits.
  • Back vertical zip, with a long strap and a grommet at the end in order for you to put the suit on without any help.
  • Single-lined very soft neoprene collar coated with titanium to achieve an excellent seal without squeezing too hard.
  • Wrists and ankles with an elliptical profile and reduced thickness, in 4 mm single-lined neoprene, coated with titanium and delivering excellent glide.
  • Knees and shoulders in a special scratch-resistant lining that is very durable yet flexible.
  • Available separately the hoods.


  • Megastretch lining.
  • Torso and incorporated hood in 5 mm.
  • Sleeves and legs in single-lined 3 mm neoprene, coated inside with titanio.
  • Front full zip.


  • Single-lined 3 mm chest and collar, lined inside with titanium.
  • Featuring a 5 mm neoprene hood with a superelastic outer lining and titanium lining inside.

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