The value of specialisation

Starting with the production of wetsuits for fishing and freediving, moving on to neoprene drysuits, and finally producing the RS, a line of high quality trilaminate drysuits that has been a great success.

Since Rofos was founded, we have increased our product range. Until today.

We have decided to specialise in trilaminate drysuits.

We will devote all our energies to doing what we do best: meeting your needs.

Why choose a Rofos product

Despite the continuous evolution of our offer, we have treasured what has allowed us to thrive until today:

  • elegant beauty thanks to the attention to detail in each piece.
  • absolute comfort thanks to models designed and continuously perfected by expert hands.
  • excellent value for money thanks to extensive testing of materials, production techniques and final products.
  • the pre- and post-sales service, thanks to listening to everyone’s suggestions.

For these and other reasons, anyone who tries a Rofos is unlikely to go back.