How to wear yourself a trilaminate drysuit

There are some simple steps and a couple of tricks to follow to be able to wear by yourself without any effort a trilaminate drysuit.

  • Once you have unfold your drysuit, flip the top.
  • Remember to unfasten the boots and pull the lower part of the drysuit up to the waist.
  • You can put the sleeves in the appropriate elastics, to prevent them from crawling on the floor.
  • Wear the elastic braces and adjust the length through the buckles.
  • First put on the left arm and check for the correct placement of your seal.
  • Then put on the right arm.
  • Thread the two hands in the neck and, holding it open well, put on the neck gasket.
  • Adjust the neck gasket well. Pull the neck seal from the front so that you do tighten your throat. If the neck is in neoprene, then turn it up.
  • At this point you have to pull down the telescoping torso. You should do this before closing the zippers.
  • Close both the zippers and check the correct closure.
  • Close the fastex buckle under the groin and fast the boots again.
  • Open the exhaust valve and release the excess air in your drysuit.
  • Done!

How to take off the drysuit

After the dive, and after having carefully rinsed the suit, to take off the trilaminate drysuit you need to do the exact opposite:

  • Open the fastex buckle under the groin,
  • open both zippers,
  • pull up the telescopic torso,
  • take off the neck, always grabbing with two hands,
  • first take off the right sleeve and then the left,
  • unfasten the boots
  • and take off the suit.

At this point you only need to let dry, fold and store the drysuit in the bag!

Take care of your drysuit and it’ll take care of you.