How to wash the suit

How to rinse the trilaminate drysuit

Rinse the suit is one of the most important steps to take a diving suit as long as possible. Although it is a habit that requires little effort, it is sometimes overlooked.

First, a diving suit should be rinsed after each use with cold and fresh water both inside and outside to remove the residues of salt, the smell of the lake or the pool chlorine and wipe well inside.

It would be wise to wash by soaking diving suit in a tub as soon as finished the dive. In the absence of a tub you can use a shower using a not too powerful jet.

To rinse the suit must always proceed from the top to the bottom to slide all the residues that remain in the hidden recesses without.

In the case of a trilaminate drysuit, first gently cleanse your latex gasket and the neoprene protective sheath with fresh water.
Rinse well the sleeves, chest and back.
Open the first protection zipper and gently rub the watertight zip, starting from the top downwards along the entire length.
Rinse with lots of fresh water the inflation and exhaust valves of your drysuit.
Unhook the buckle and wash the telescopic folded part of the drysuit .
Thoroughly rinse the pockets and remove any objects contained whithin. The water flows out from the drainage holes.

Then you have to hang your diving suit in a ventilated place to dry completely inside and out.

The important thing is to never expose it to direct sunlight will damage the color of the Cordura, the inserts and the elasticity of latex or silicone neck and cuffs.

Now you just have to take off the suit, fold it and store it in the bag.

Take care of your drysuit and it’ll take care of you.