How to replace the interchangeable seal in trilaminate drysuit

The interchangeable cuff is made up of three parts: a PU-Ring glued to the inside of the wrist of the trilaminate drysuit, the silicone seal and an Stiff Ring.

The silicone seal is fixed between the two rings, which are fitted into each other.

To replace the interchangeable silicone seal you have to split the two rings that secure it, first.

To do this, you have to put your fingers at the front of the PU-Ring on your drysuit wrist and push the Stiff Ring out.

Once the Stiff Ring has been removed, the silicone seal can be separated from the Stiff Ring. It is now possible to replace the original seal with a new one.

At this point you have to place the silicone seal around the Stiff Ring, fitting the ticker edge at the bottom of the seal into the groove on the Stiff Ring.

The silicone seal has a glossy surface on one side and a matte finish on the other side: the matte surface of the seal is against the skin.

Once the new silicone cuff is correctly positioned on the Stiff Ring, it is time to attach the Stiff Ring to the PU-Ring.

When you refit the seal you might pay attention to the direction of the Stiff Ring, which must be aligned to the wrist.

The seam at the bottom of the wrist has to be aligned with the bottom of the Stiff Ring.
Holding the silicone cuff with the palm of your hand, push a ring inside the other, being careful that the silicone seal does not slide out of its position.

Check that the Stiff Ring and seal has been fixed correctly in position grabbing the seal with one hand and trying to pull it gently.

Take care of your wet suit and she will take care of you.