How to fold and store your trilaminate drysuit

For storing a pack you can choose two ways: hang it or fold it.

In both cases, there are two simple rules to follow:
it is advisable to put talcum powder on the neck and cuffs to prevent them from drying out or stick, the suit is always stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and impregnating substances (liquid or exhaust).

In particular it is advisable to store and transport the trilaminate drysuit folded in his bag.

To do so just follow these few steps:

  • Make sure that the suit is clean and dry.
  • Make sure the zippers are open.
  • Put your drysuit face down.
  • Take the feet in your hands and roll it up at the level of the shoulders.
  • Pay attention not to bend the zippers.
  • Fold the drysuit arms over your pack.
  • Place your drysuit in your bag.

A little trick is to leave the bag slightly open so that the suit can finish to dry out if it was still damp.

Take care of your drysuit and it’ll take care of you.