How to check the wearability of the trilaminate drysuit

Choosing the right size of the drysuit is very important not only for the comfort during the dive but also for your own security. To correctly choose the size of the trilaminate drysuit is good to rely on experienced staff.

However, there are some steps to follow to make sure that the trilaminate drysuit has a good fit and therefore despite being tight it does not hinder in any way the movements.

It is essential to wear the underskin that you will wear with the suit.

First, release all of the air in your drysuit.
Bring each hand on the opposite shoulder, hug yourself, and feel for any kind of restriction on your arms and elbows.

Raise one arm at a time, try to reach behind your neck with the hand and see if you can do it without any restriction.

To check not to have restrictions on knees, thighs and back, bend your knees and crouch down.
Then stand up and bring the calf back to the thigh, helping grabbing your ankle with your hand.

If the suit is tight but does not hinder the movements, it is the right size.

Remember that Rofos trilaminate drysuits are not tailor-made, but they offer an exceptional range of sizes, even combined.
Each size has a “short” and a “long” version, you can combine different sizes of shoes and you can even choose different sizes for the jacket and trousers.
For example you could choose to have an M for the jacket and a L short for the pants.

Take care of your drysuit and it’ll take care of you.

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