The right equipment is suitable for any goal

We are specialised in trilaminate drysuits.

Why choose a Rofos product?

For their elegant beauty, absolute comfort, excellent value for money and our pre- and post-sales services.

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Light and elastic trilaminate fabric.

When you try it on, the magic happens.

More than a suit it is a true second skin.

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RS 360

Super lightweight trilaminate fabric.

Perfect to take with you on your travels.

Quick to dry after every dive.

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RS 450K

Warm and durable trilaminate fabric.

A dry suit for life.

It can take you on at least 1000 dives.

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Attention to details has a new meaning


We offer 144 combinations of men’s sizes and 99 women’s sizes to meet the needs of (almost) everyone.

In our opinion, the size chart is not enough to determine the right size with certainty: it’s important to go to a trusted retailer who can help you with your choice.

In our RS Size Centers you can wear Size Suits which, together with the experience of the retailer, make it easy to find the right size.