Guides for maintenance

Proper maintenance of the diving suit

Many diving suits will last a long time if treated with care. In this section we offer a few tips on proper maintenance of your diving suit.

The advice that you will read below refer particularly to the maintenance of trilaminate drysuits, but most of the tips are also valid for all other types of diving suits.

First of all we want to give you an overview of the main steps to follow to make your suit last longer.

How to wash the diving suit

First, a diving suit should be rinsed after each use with cold and fresh water both inside and outside to remove the residues of salt, the smell of the lake or the pool chlorine and wipe well inside.

It would be wise to wash by soaking diving suit in a tub as soon as finished the dive. In the absence of a tub you can use a shower using a not too powerful jet.

Watch our video tutorial and read the article to learn how to rinse your diving suit properly.

If the suit needs a more thorough cleaning you can also wash the suit.

It is never advisable to use classic soap, and – especially if the diving suit is in neoprene – liquid soap should not be used either. You can instead use specific soaps for neoprene suits.

To save time and effort, sometimes it seems a good solution to wash the suit in the washing machine. We have to remember that the diving suits are delicate objects, and that in a washing machine they could easily be harmed.

In any case, keep in mind that the diving suit should never be exposed to heat sources that exceed 40°C and it has to be washed with cold water.

How to dry the diving suit

In order to properly dry a diving suit hang it and, when the it is completely dry outside, flip it and let it dry inside.

You can use a coat hanger with broad shoulders, so that the weight of the wet diving suit does not weight on the shoulders of a small surface therefore ruining the inner liner.

The most important thing is not to hang the suit to direct sunlight. The UV rays may damage the suit (Cordura or neoprene), latex or silicone neck and cuffs.

Hair dryers or machine dryers should never be used.

How to store the diving suit

First, the zipper should be cleaned between the teeth and lubricated with paraffin, beeswax, or with the substance provided upon purchase. Do not use substances such as silicone spray, as they may damage it beyond repair. If the suit has the zipper, leave it open.

The diving suit can be placed either hanging or bent, in both cases there are some steps to follow.

It is advisable to put talcum powder on the neck and cuffs to prevent them from drying out or sticking.

The diving suit is always stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and impregnating substances (liquid or exhaust).

If you want to hang it, you can use, as mentioned above, a hanger with very broad shoulders, to fill well the suit. If you want to bend it, do not place weights on the diving suit.

If you want to store the suit folded on a shelf you can roll it up starting from the boots, and then wrap it with the sleeves once finished.

Watch our video tutorial and read the article to learn how to fold and store your trilaminate drysuit.

The zipper must be folded so as not to make tight turns and as to remain outside the “roll”.

Roll ankles or boots towards the belly if the zip is on the back and towards the back if the zip is front.

You can also enter inside the “roll” a rubber cylinder or cardboard, to better help with the folds.

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